✈ Model size & gear option ~ See following list for reference ( A minor difference could be possible )

Product Specification ( Link to size list )

✈ Engine fan blades and landing gear wheels

On some models the fan blades rotate and on others they are stationary.
All landing gear wheels are solid rubber

✈ Do you have a store ?

No.  Risesoon does not have a store.  All inquiries about our models must be made on our site or through one of our many global model distributors.

✈ Do you make custom models ?

Yes.  We can make custom models providing the aircraft mould is in stock.  The model should be of your own design with no copyright infringements.  If you have any questions, please submit them on our Contact Us page.

✈ How can I contact Risesoon ?

All inquiries and questions about our models can be submitted on our CONTACT US page.

✈ Where to find your model ?

In China , Taiwan – Rise Soon/Ever Rise

In the United States – Daron/Skymarks
please link to : www.airplaneshop.com

In Japan – Crosswing